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1U SuperChassis 512

Supermicro's SC512 1U chassis, featuring a depth less than 14.5", is specially designed to save valuable space and energy while delivering high performance in a cost effective package. Optimized for quad-core dual-processor or single-processor motherboards, the chassis includes 1 full-height expansion slot (with riser card), and up to 2 hard drive bays. The SC512 chassis features an advanced thermal design for highly efficient cooling and quiet operation with up to 3x 4cm counter-rotating cooling fans, and supports a complete selection of high-efficiency power supplies to fit exactly the desired application. Bulk package and quick release sliding rails are also available for use in HPC and data center environments.


CSE-512-203B Art. Nr.: CSE-512-203B / CSE-512-203B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512-260B Art. Nr.: CSE-512-260B / CSE-512-260B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512F-350B Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-350B / CSE-512F-350B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512F-350B1 Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-350B1 / CSE-512F-350B1 / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512F-410B Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-410B / CSE-512F-410B / SUPERMICRO
Black, BTOCSE-512-203B
CSE-512F-441B Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-441B / CSE-512F-441B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512F-600B Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-600B / CSE-512F-600B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512F-600LB Art. Nr.: CSE-512F-600LB / CSE-512F-600LB / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512L-200B Art. Nr.: CSE-512L-200B / CSE-512L-200B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512L-260 Art. Nr.: CSE-512L-260 / CSE-512L-260 / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512L-260B Art. Nr.: CSE-512L-260B / CSE-512L-260B / SUPERMICRO
CSE-512L-260B-LCD Art. Nr.: CSE-512L-260B-LCD / CSE-512L-260B-LCD / SUPERMICRO
Black, OEMCSE-512-203B

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